Wholesome Natural Zero Calorie Sweetener Wholesome (340g) 天然代糖



Description Same Great Taste! Live Sweetly Zero Glycemic Index Great for Beverages & Baking Non GMO Project Verified Care For You. Care For Our Planet Gluten Free Naturally Vegan Kosher Certified Life is Sweeter when it's wholesome! Love, kindness and joy may not appear on our ingredient label, but they're in this package just the same. Each time you choose Wholesome! products, someone's life gets a little sweeter. We pour our whole heart into all we do. We are committed to Non-GMO food and stay on the cutting edge of eco-friendly agriculture to ensure the smallest footprint possible. All Natural Zero Zero is produced from all natural erythritol, a naturally occurring sugar found in our bodies, fruits and fermented foods. It has a clean sweetness, is tooth-friendly, and is an ideal replacement for artificial sweeteners. Zero is perfect in beverages or desserts where you prefer a delightfully mild rather than intense sweetness. 1 1/3 Cups Zero = 1 Cup Refined Sugar Other Ingredients Erythritol 說明 相同的美味! 甜美的生活 血糖指數為零 用於飲料和烘焙均極佳 非轉基因工程認證 呵護您。呵護地球 不含麩質 天然純素 已認證符合猶太教規 有Wholesome!,生活就會更加甜美! 愛、善良和快樂可能不會出現在我們的成分標籤上,但一樣存在於包裝裡面。每次您選擇Wholesome! 產品,生活就會変得更加甜美。 我們全心投入自己的工作。 我們承諾提供非轉基因食品,一直站在生態友好型農業的最前線,盡可能減低人類對大自然的干預。 全天然的Zero Zero是以全天然的赤蘚糖醇製成,赤蘚糖醇是天然存在於人體、水果和發酵食物中的糖。 它具有清爽的甜味,不損害牙齒,是人工甜味劑的理想替代品。 如果您喜歡溫和而不是強烈的甜味,將Zero用於飲料或甜點,效果都是完美的。 1 1/3杯Zero = 1杯精製糖 其他成份 赤蘚糖醇

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