Preserve Kids Soft Toothbrush Preserve 無BPA環保兒童牙刷



This BPA free kids toothbrush is ergonomic with a pea pod shaped handle shape specially designed for little hands. A portion of the sale of each Preserve Kids Toothbrush goes to the National Wildlife Federation and each toothbrush is designed to connect children with an endangered species. Kids will love the bright colors and the pea pod grips, as well as the fun facts about endangered animals on the packaging. 為2至8歲小童專用,特別設計手柄,配合兒童手型,容易掌握。 小巧柔軟刷頭,可保護兒童牙齦。 多種色彩繽紛款式,包裝上附有有瀕危動物小趣事,令刷牙變成樂事,誘導小朋友養成刷牙好習慣。