Organic Soy Bean (1 lb) 有機黃豆



Organic Soy Beans are a convenient way to reap the benefits of soy protein. ‧ Excellent Source of Protein ‧ Good Source of Fiber (contains 7g of fat per serving) ‧ Excellent Source of Iron ‧ Cholesterol Free Food ‧ Good Source of Calcium ‧ Low in Sodium 嚴選產地純淨, 無污染的頂級黃豆 無農藥, 無化肥, 無防腐劑等化學物質 非基因改造, 絕無照射鈷六十, 易發芽 有機驗證合格, 品質絕對有保障 營養成份極高, 天然豆香好滋味 茹素者的優良蛋白質首選