Organic Quick Rolled Oats (1.5lbs) 有機即沖快熟麥片



Organic Quick Cooking Rolled Oats are made from 100% whole grain organic oat groats that are kiln toasted and rolled thin so they cook quickly. They aren't pre-cooked, and none of the nutritious bran has been removed. They make a satisfying hot breakfast cereal and are a great addition to breads, bars and cookies. 含豐富纖維及蛋白質,有助消化及降低膽固醇,維持腸道及心臟健康 煮食方法: 放入6-8茶匙燕麥片於熱水中,可加牛奶、乾果或其他配料食用 非基因改造 不含化學成份 以環保方式種植