Organic Pitted Deglet Dates (8oz) 有機無核棗



Organic Pitted Deglet Dates are a chewy, drier date with a slightly nutty flavor, they are also called "bread dates" which is familiar to most people. These drier dates are excellent for a snack or in trail mixes. This should also be your choice if you want date pieces in baked goods, such as chunky date cookies or fruit cakes. They are a good "pocket food" for the car or desk. 蜜棗是棗樹的果實。果肉味甜,營養豐富,乾果含糖分達60-70%,蛋白質、脂肪均在2%以上.蜜棗有極高的營養價值,它含有對人體有用的多種維生素和天然糖分。從蜜棗的成分中我們可以發現其組成幾乎都是單純的果糖,非常易於消化,甚至可以是糖尿病患者的代糖。此外,脂肪及膽固醇極低,不僅不用擔心肥胖的問題,反而因其豐富的維他命與礦物質可以增進機能。蜜棗具有人體所需的絕大部分營養,包括7種以上維生素,而且具有抗癌功能。蜜棗裡面浸出的糖汁經過凝結,使其具有粘性,甜而不膩,肉軟而爛,很好吃。也可煮食糖水食用。