Mill Creek Botanicals Aloe Vera Shampoo 天然蘆薈修護洗髮液



- Mild, everyday formula - Soothes dry scalp - Hydrates & softens - Deep moisturizing Combining the pure extract from the leaf with other natural ingredients, Aloe Vera Shampoo is a mild everyday formulation that soothes dry scalp, hydrates, and softens hair. Blended with Keratin and Vitamin E, Aloe Vera Shampoo will moisturize, and protect your hair. The desert succulent, Aloe Vera, has been known and used throughout history for its hydrating, softening and anti-inflammatory qualities. Combining the pure extract from the Aloe Vera leaf with other natural ingredients, our mild, Everyday formula soothes dry scalp and restores the natural moisture balance of your hair. Our unique blend with Keratin and Vitamin E softens, protects and moisturizes. You’ll enjoy the beautiful results every day. 蘆薈洗髮水蘊含蘆薈配方,性質溫和,酸鹼度過中,適合不同髮質,令您和家人的秀髮亮麗易梳理。 蘆薈洗髮水不但呵護秀髮,還有修護頭皮功效,適合任何髮質人士使用。 堅果油能滋潤頭皮及髮絲,去除硬化的皮脂,令頭髮更有質感,無論乾、濕皆易於梳理,不糾纏打結和出現乾黃或蓬鬆的感覺。

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