Health Plus Liver Cleanse (90 Capsules) Health Plus 清肝丸



Description Helps Maintain Normal Liver Function Formulated with Herbs Support a Healthy Liver 90 Servings 553 mg Each In a Series of 8 Body Cleansing Products From Health Plus, Inc Herbal Supplement with Vitamins Super Live Cleanse Capsules A healthy liver is an essential part of maintaining optimum health Super Liver Cleanse is designed to support the body and may help ride the liver of certain irritants. Such irritants may be caused by alcohol, sugar, stress, or a poor diet. The Total Body Cleansing System is designed to allow the body to focus specifically on one targeted cleanse at a time. This allows the body to process the product more efficiently and may help you gain significant benefits from your cleansing regimen. Suggested Use As a dietary supplement, take 1 capsule three times daily. May be use regularly or one bottle every 5 months as part of the Total Body Cleansing System. 說明 有助於維持正常的肝功能 用草藥製成 支持健康的肝臟 90 份 每份553毫克 來自Health Plus, Inc的身體清潔產品8件套系列 含維生素的草本補充劑 超級活力清潔膠囊 健康的肝臟是維持最佳健康的重要組成部分。 Super Liver Cleanse旨在支持身體健康,並可幫助消除某些肝臟刺激。這種刺激可能是由酒精、糖、壓力或飲食不良而引起的。 The Total Body Cleansing System旨在使身體能夠專注於一對一的清潔。 這使得身體更有效地處理產品,並可幫助您從清潔方案中獲得顯著的裨益。 建議的使用方式 作為膳食補充劑,每次服用1粒膠囊,每日3次。 可定期使用或作為Total Body Cleansing System的一部分,每5個月使用一瓶。

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