Desert Essence Tea Tree Blemish Touch Stick (0.31oz) 天然茶樹油暗瘡液



Description: A combination of nine natural extracts and essential oils specially blended together in order to leave skin looking clear and radiant. The known antiseptic properties of Tea Tree Oil work to diminish skin imperfections while Chamomile, Lavender, Palmarosa, Wintergreen and Calendula soothe and nourish the skin. We at Desert Essence believe in renewal. Renewal for body, mind and spirit. Inspired by the healing spirit of the desert, our sustainable, natural products draw from nutrient rich desert botanicals like Jojoba, Aloe and Tea Tree, all revered in native cultures for their deep healing properties. Naturally effective, without harsh chemicals, our products work in harmony with your body to nurture, soothe and restore. Desert Inspired. Beauty Renewal. Suggested Use: Apply to blemishes, insect bites, and other skin irritations five or six times a day. This non-oily, non-drying formulation is suitable for use underneath makeup. For maximum control of areas prone to problems, use with Thoroughly Clean Face Wash. 說明: 九種天然提取物和精華油混合特製而成,讓皮膚乾淨透亮。已知的茶樹油具有抗菌作用,減少皮膚斑點,而洋甘菊、薰衣草、玫瑰草、鹿蹄草和金盞花能有效舒緩並滋養肌膚。 我們相信沙漠精華的更新能力。 更新您的身體、思維和心靈。 受沙漠治愈能力的啟發,我們從營養豐富、具有深層治療效用並且深受本土文化尊從的沙漠植物,如荷荷巴、蘆薈和茶樹中提取各種植物精華,製成環保型天然佳品。我們的產品天然高效,且無刺激性化學物質,讓您的肌膚恢復自然平衡狀態,更加營養健康、舒緩自然、清爽迷人。 沙漠靈感。 美麗補充。 建議的使用方式: 適用於瑕斑、蚊蟲叮咬及其它的皮膚過敏症狀,每日5次或6次。這款清爽的、濕潤性配方適合於化妝打底。為了盡可能控制容易出現問題的區域,請使用徹底清潔型洗面液。