Crystal Body Deodorant Roll-On (2.25oz) 純天然身體走珠止汗劑



Description No Aluminum Chlorohydrate Natural Protection Hypoallergenic Fragrance & Paraben Free Safe for the Environment Endorsed by Cancer Treatment Centers Natural Deodorant Protection: Crystal Body Deodorant is made of Natural Minerals Salts which prevent body odor by creating an invisible protective barrier against odor-causing bacteria. It is non-sticky, non-staining, leaves no white residue and can be used by both men and women. Suggested Use Must be applied to clean skin. Other Ingredients Water/aqua, potassium alum (natural mineral salts), cellulose, sodium bicarbonate, benzoic acid, zinc gluconate. 說明 無氯化羥鋁 全天然保護 低敏 不含芳香劑和對羥基苯甲酸酯 安全環保 癌症治療中心認可 天然體香劑劑保護。 Crystal滾珠身體體香劑劑由天然礦物鹽組成,對異味細菌構築一道無形的防護屏障,防止體臭。本產品無粘性、不染色,不留下白色殘餘物,男女均適用。 建議的使用方式 必須塗抹于清潔皮膚。 其他成份 水/水,鉀明礬(天然礦物鹽),纖維素,碳酸氫鈉,苯甲酸,葡萄糖酸鋅