Citrus Magic Cedar Magic Air Freshener 香柏木空氣清新劑



Description New! Now with Baking Soda! With Natural Cedar Oil! Freshens Closets & Woolens Eliminates Odors! Earth First PLA Film / Made From Plants - Ingeo Long Lasting Dual Action: Natural Cedar Freshens the Air Baking Soda Absorbs Odors Is Ideal For... Woolens Closets Musty Smells Per Odors Smoke Odors Bathrooms Cedar Magic magically transforms any closet into a cedar closet as it eliminates stale odors while refreshing the air and all closet contents...Naturally! All of your clothing and linens, especially woolens, will benefit from the natural goodness of real cedar! Using a unique formula that contains natural cedar oil, Cedar Magic quickly eliminates musty, mold, and mildew odors and freshens the air with a natural cedar scent. Suggested Use Peel off top label exposing air vents. Cedar Magic will absorb odors and freshen the air in 350 sq. ft. areas for 6-8 weeks. For larger areas, like basements, use several units evenly spaced. For increased effectiveness, place near circulating air source. 由純天然植物油提煉,不含化學香精,不會對呼吸道做成過敏,有效吸除各種異味,令室內空氣更清新。 本產品有效吸除煙味,寵物味,垃圾,發霉,潮濕,油漆味等。 可把本天然空氣清新除臭劑放於辦公室,房間,廚房,洗手間,衣櫃,儲物室或汽車內等地方。 用法: 把封面標貼撕開,露出排氣口,然後放在適當地方便可,若放於空調出口效果更好。 在30平方米範圍內有效6至8星期,在更大的範圍,把數枚空氣清新除臭劑分放於室內不同地方,效果更佳。